This is what lurks in Chris' mind until it is written out.

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Walter Evans' Unusual Request

A retired art professor helps his frustrated daughter reconnect to her true self.

A Morality Lesson

Something was brought back from Ireland. Good or evil? It’s up to you to decide.

The Thing from the Grave that Enjoyed Sweet Tea

Being dead never satisfies the need for a glass of sweet iced tea.

The Butcher

A dying, middle-aged butcher discovers his true purpose in life when an evil force comes to town the day before a marathon.

You're All I Need

A single middle age woman finds love again while making a discovery in her backyard.

My Vampire

A mysterious figure from a man's recent past returns to take him away.

48 Hour Film

Scripts written for the 48 Hour Film Festival



A mean man with no empathy learns a lesson from a mysterious visitor. 


Two people discover an object that can briefly transport them to their most perfect moment. 


A killer predetermines her next course of action when she sees a familiar looking girl.


Comedy sketches written for Sketch 101 at The Idiot Box.


The Busser

A couple meet a very popular busser at a restaurant.

Asking for a Raise

A woman asks her boss for a raise.

Magical Influence

The creation of a cartoon legend comes with a price.

Sandwich Bag

There's always another side to a situation. 

Alternate Worlds

Stories that exist just outside our reality.


Don't Stop

As a deadly virus sweeps the country, a desperate father tries to protect his daughter.

The Celebration

A stay-at-home dad meets his buddies at a pub to celebrate a special day he desperately wants to avoid.

The Knock

A frustrated man learns what happens to decisions not taken by a simple knock at the door.

Incident on a Lonely Highway

An early morning drive results in a terrifying discovery.

The Girl

A couple discovers a homeless girl is much more than she appears to be.